Here at the Scott Mann Golf Academy our approach is to always begin with a game assessment which includes; level of ability, physical mobility, mental capability, techniques, strengths, weaknesses, objectives, short term and long term goals. We strongly believe in the value of solid set up fundamentals; grip, ball position, aim & alignment, and posture.  It is essential for a player to obtain these to ensure proper impact conditions.  Impact is critical in maintaining consistent ball flight, lowering scores, and overall more enjoyment of the game.  Each area of the swing we work on together is all directly related to its effect on impact and ball striking ability.  We have three main focuses here at SMGA; direction, distance and consistency.   We look forward to the opportunity to work together with you on game improvement and having way more fun at the wonderful game of golf.                                                           

                                                                                              Scott E. Mann, PGA - Director of Instruction



* now featuring gc2 foresight ball flight monitor for optimal ball flight performance feedback

     We utilize a wide variety of training tools and drills to assist students in achieving their swing changes and goals.  To name a few training tools; Impact Bag, Impact Ball, Swing Fan, Swing Guide, Foot Wedge, Orange & Red Sticks, Putting Arc, Orange Whip system (including Balance Board), metronome, plus many more.  We are also fortunate enough during the Winter months to have the use of weight and health training gear provided by Natural Fitness, too help further assist in the learning process.  Additionally, we offer a Hudi technique video analysis with every lesson which gives us phenomenal visual feedback on set up, backswing, impact, and finish positions. 

     For indoor simulation we offer the use of the newest version of The Opti Shot System accompanied by a GC2 Launch Monitor, Callaway training net, an A99 large target, and Computer generated screen.  This provides the student and teacher; Swing speed, Ball Speed, Side Spin, Backspin, Launch angle, Face at impact, Club Path, Carry Distance, and Tempo stats. These are essential in diagnosing the proper plan and steps to take towards game improvement.